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Economic Impact of Coronavirus in Japan

Goldman Sachs Research’s Kathy Matsui, co-head of macro research in Asia and chief Japan equity strategist, discusses the economic impact of the postponement of the Tokyo Summer Olympics and Paralympics and how the pandemic is affecting the outlook for Japanese equities.

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Professor Peter Piot, Director of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Infectious disease expert Peter Piot discusses the origination, spread and management of COVID-19, lessons from his prior work discovering and managing the Ebola virus, and steps to take to prepare for future outbreaks.

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Update on US Growth and Earnings Forecasts, and Expected Stimulus Programs

Goldman Sachs’ top economists and strategists discuss revised forecasts for the US economy and the outlook for stimulus programs.

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Roaring Into Recession

Coronavirus has pushed the global economy into a recession of historic proportions and halted the longest-lasting equity bull market on record. As infections spread globally, economic activity collapses, markets recoil and policymakers respond, the depth and duration of the economic and market downturn is Top of Mind.

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Taking the Heat: Making Cities Resilient to Climate Change

The effects of climate change are already being felt and are likely to persist for decades to come. Learn how cities can play a large role in climate change solutions. View Infographic

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Why Fixed Income is at the Epicenter of Market Volatility

Even as the Federal Reserve announced plans to expand its bond-buying program, liquidity challenges in the fixed income markets have become another feature of the current crisis. Last week, Goldman Sachs Asset Management’s (GSAM) Mike Swell, co-head, Global Portfolio Management of Global Fixed Income, hosted a client call with members GSAM’s Global Fixed Income team to discuss recent developments and the policy response.

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US Daily: A Sudden Stop for the US Economy

Over the last few days social distancing measures have shut down normal life in much of the US. News reports point to a sudden surge in layoffs and a collapse in spending, both historic in size and speed, as well as shutdowns of many schools, stores, offices, manufacturing plants, and construction sites. These developments argue for a much sharper drop in GDP in Q1 and Q2.

The Long & Short of It

Clinical Trials Go Digital

What if there was a way to make clinical trials faster, cheaper and more successful? Robert P. Jones of Goldman Sachs Research explains how broader adoption of technologies like artificial intelligence and cloud computing could transform clinical trials and drive a significant reduction in drug development costs. Watch Video

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